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Kindy and Pre-Primary



EYLF Outcome 1 – Children have a strong sense of identity 

PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) is a comprehensive social skills programme that all our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary children are exposed to. The premise of the programme is to facilitate the development of self-control, positive self-esteem, emotional awareness, and interpersonal problem solving. The PATHS Curriculum fosters an environment where children can become independent thinkers who will feel motivated to “do the right thing” because they understand why it is important. 

EYLF Outcome 3 – Children have a strong sense of wellbeing 

The Peggy Lego programme is a systematic way of teaching pre-writing patterns, which form the basis of all letters of the alphabet. The Peggy Lego programme includes a story for each of the patterns, a gross motor activity, a sensory/tactile activity, a fine motor activity and then finally the writing activity.  Peggy Lego breaks down letters into seven pencil movements and then supports students to learn correct letter formation with these patterns.  

EYLF Outcome 3 – Children have a strong sense of wellbeing 

Bentley Primary School Kindy uses Fundamental Movement Skills to support the development of our young children's physical skills. Being proficient in fundamental movement skills enables children to participate confidently in play, dance, games, sport, outdoor education, and recreational activities. Some of the movement skills developed daily in our programmes include: 

·         Locomotor and non-locomotor skills (running, jumping, rolling, balancing etc),

·         Object control skills – (bouncing, throwing, kicking etc).

EYLF Outcome 5 – Children are effective communicators 

At Bentley Primary School we believe phonological awareness skills are essential for the progression of reading and writing. Kindy students participate in an oral phonics program called Heggerty. This complements the whole school explicit phonics approach to teaching letters and sounds through the Sounds~Write programme. Bentley Primary School students commence Sounds~Write in Pre-Primary.  



In Pre-Primary the children are viewed as curious and capable learners. The foundations for children's ongoing love of learning and development is laid in Early Childhood, therefore, the children are involved in quality whole school programmes and approaches from the beginning of their school journey.  To foster the children's young growing minds and curiosity, they are provided with a mixture of intentional and purposeful hands-on experiences as well as explicit teaching. Each child is given equal opportunity to learn in a comfortable and safe environment where their diverse backgrounds are respected, acknowledged, and celebrated for their capacity to add value to the class. In Pre-Primary the children are given ample opportunity to immerse themselves in outdoor play. This supports the children's personal health and wellbeing and fosters skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking and teamwork.

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